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Hi, Welcome to Goodly! My name is Chandeep


I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
Business Plans / Financial Models and PowerPoint Presentations

I am putting together everything about Excel and PowerPoint Presentations
that I have learnt (and still learning) on this blog

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Consolidate data from multiple sheets

October 22, 2015| No Comments

Consolidate Data

One of the common problems in managing data is bringing it all together. Let’s say we have some data scattered in multiple sheets that we want to bring it together in a single sheet. How would you do it?

One way is to copy it from multiple sheets and paste it at one location or the smarter was is to write a simple macro to do the same for us

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Presentation Rework Series – 01

October 16, 2015| No Comments

Presentation Rework Series 01

Introduction to Presentation Rework

I have written and read many posts about making awesome presentations and surprisingly ALL of them (including mine) fail to make a “real impact”, the impact of changing a raw presentation and converting it into a beautiful, thought provoking and impactful display of information

Do you know why?

Because creating an awesome presentation is much more than

  1. Picking up a beautiful template and filling it up
  2. Dumping colors, fonts and pictures and expecting the presentation to come out great
  3. Knowing 100 + features of PowerPoint

So I wanted to do something different..

Rather than just writing piles of text on “How to stuff” I thought of taking a random but real PowerPoint Presentations and reworking it to make it impactful

I will give you downloadable files (pre and post rework), videos and commentary about my thought process and more importantly the reason(s) behind why I chose something over the other. Hopefully this will give you insights on what works and more importantly what doesn’t

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Create a Sheet Index in Excel

October 14, 2015| 10 Comments

Create an Index of Sheets

We all deal with multiple sheets in a single workbook, don’t we? Here is a smart way to create an Index of all your Sheets. You can click on the sheet name to navigate to that sheet.

Here is how we do it

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Bubble Chart Matrix with Scrollers

October 5, 2015| 10 Comments

Dynamic Bubble Chart with Scrollers

Here is an interesting way to convert your bubble chart into a dynamic matrix with 4 adjustable quadrants. Only the companies that meet the profitability (set by horizontal scroll) and sales target (set by vertical scroll) are highlighted

I have put together a simple 4 part video tutorial and downloadable files for you! Enjoy

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Quick Tip: Vertical Line Chart in Excel

September 28, 2015| 4 Comments

Vertical Line Chart 1

The Horizontal Line Chart is pretty standard stuff! Why don’t we try making a Vertical Line Chart? Well there isn’t a standard vertical line chart in Excel so we’ll tweak some other type of chart to get this done!

Let’s get started..

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