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Hi, Welcome to Goodly! My name is Chandeep


I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
Business Plans / Financial Models and PowerPoint Presentations

I am putting together everything about Excel and PowerPoint Presentations
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Customizing Markers in a Chart

February 23, 2016| 4 Comments

Customizing Markers in a Chart

An icon of a car feels so cool when you are talking about cars in a chart. Isn’t so? Let’s see how can we do that!

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7 Date Formulas that make life easy

February 21, 2016| 2 Comments

7 Date Formulas

At times managing dates can be tricky. Here are 7 Date Formulas and tips to make your life super easy

  1. How to find the exact age ?
  2. How to find the last Friday & Second Saturday of the month ?
  3. How to find the Quarter number and Indian Financial Year Quarter ?
  4. How to convert dates (as text) from mm-dd-yy format to dd-mm-yy format ?
  5. How to calculate the Project End Date ?
  6. How to calculate Project Days ?
  7. Cool Bonus Tips on Dates
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Quick Tip – Use Snipping Tool to crop images

February 15, 2016| No Comments

Snipping Tool

Words come to life with images and we all do add plenty of images in our presentations. Don’t we? At times we even have to pick these images from the web.

So assume that you have to incorporate a company logo from a website into your presentation. To do this most of us would first save the image on our desktop and then import it into our presentation. Which is not bad but a bit time consuming!

Today I have for you a smart way to copy images and place it into your slides

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Quick Tip: New Window Tool in Excel & PowerPoint

February 2, 2016| No Comments

New Window 0

Assume for a moment that you are working with an Excel File which has 10 Sheets or may be more!

New Window

Now What if,

  1. Some of your data is kept on Sheet 1 and rest is kept on Sheet 10
  2. And you have to do a to and fro (again and again) between Sheet 1 and Sheet 10

How would you navigate between the sheets faster?

Would you

  1. Keep using the mouse to flip between the sheets ? or
  2. Use the shortcut Ctrl PgUp or Ctrl PgDn to move back and forth ?

Let me introduce you to something called as New Window. It is simple and extremely effective way of navigation

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Become Functional in Excel, Live Workshop in Gurgaon

January 27, 2016| No Comments


I am super stoked to invite you to my first open house live workshop on making you functional in Excel. I will be conducting a 2 day comprehensive live session on 13th and 14th Feb 2016


About the Workshop

This program focuses on

  1. Giving you speed and efficiency to work with Excel
  2. Writing robust formulas that help you solve many day to day excel problems
  3. Introducing you to a variety of lookup scenarios and how to handle them
  4. Understanding how to work with and present data
  5. Giving you a flavor of automation through VBA Macros

In short my job will be to make you absolutely functional in Excel 🙂

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