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Hi, Welcome to Goodly! My name is Chandeep


I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
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I am putting together everything about Excel and PowerPoint Presentations
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Dashboard Survey

May 23, 2017| No Comments

I want to understand your biggest challenges when it comes to creating Business Dashboards.

I have put together a set of 6 questions that’ll help me understand what kind of material should I write and produce that will help you create kick ass Dashboards

Please spare a few minutes and open your heart out to the following questions..

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If for any reason you face a technical difficulty in filling up the form. Please use this link –


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What are your most productive excel tricks ?

May 3, 2017| 22 Comments

Productive and Time saving Excel Tricks 1

Hello there, all you lovely and goodly people! Read this short story

The other day I was sitting with a friend helping him with some Recruitment Analysis Dashboard

Friend : Hey can we also see the demographics by position applied for ?

Me : (doing while I was saying it) So let’s add position in the Inputs Sheet and covert this into a Table, now let’s refresh our Pivot and add a slicer on Positions Field and apply our sexy formatting on it and stack it in our Dashboard!

Done! Dude check this now..

Friend : (with his jaw dropping) Man, you are fast. I love the speed

Sorry, I dint mean to brag at all :D. If you have stayed with me for a while you know this is easy, no brainer stuff.

Today let’s exchange some speed tricks and make each other a hell lot faster and to do that I need your help. Here is the plan!

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Copy Chart From Excel To PowerPoint Using VBA

May 1, 2017| No Comments

vba code to copy chart from excel to powerpoint

I called over my friend, Puneet Gogia from (once again) to teach us how can we use VBA to copy a Chart from Excel to a PowerPoint Presentation

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80-20 (Pareto) Analysis in Excel

April 24, 2017| 2 Comments

80-20 Pareto Analysis 1

Quick Recap of what happened yesterday!

Yesterday was Sunday (23 Apr) and I binged like a mad man. Blueberry Jam Cake, Salted Lentils, Stuffed Pranthas, Beer, Chicken, Ice-Cream, oh yes.. and the lunch was separate 😀

But I burnt this all.. How ??  I walked for an hour in a scorching summer evening holding my notorious Son (often found dancing on my head)

In less than 20% of my day’s time, I burnt all the junk that I ate throughout the day. Classic example of 80-20 rule

You’ll find a ton of real life (business) examples which abide by the 80-20 Rule. Let’s take an example of how would you perform 80-20 (a.k.a Pareto) analysis in Excel

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How to Rank Data in Excel

April 7, 2017| No Comments

How to Rank Data in Excel

Ranking is one of the very common aspects of data analysis. In this post you’ll not only learn how to rank data in excel but also apply some variations to your ranking criteria.

Let take a look 3 tricks for ranking data in Excel

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