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I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
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IRR Calculations in Excel – Part 2

August 13, 2015| No Comments

IRR Part 2

I am assuming that you are carried forward from Part 1 of the IRR series. Where I talked about : What is IRR, Its calculations, IRR based decision making and Interpreting positive or negative IRR, all of that in simple English 🙂

In this post I am going to talk about

  • 4 problems associated with IRR
  • The XIRR function to handle irregular cash flows
  • Why does IRR change when consolidating annual cash flows from quarterly cash flows ?
  • Why is IRR or XIRR is not a very robust metric ?

Some of these problems have solutions and some don’t (or lets say that I don’t know about the solution). Let’s get started!

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IRR Calculations in Excel – Part 1

August 6, 2015| 8 Comments

IRR Calculations 1

I have been delaying this post for quite sometime but I finally got hold of me. I have broken down this post into 3 parts and I discuss everything from from IRR to its nitty-gritties, its loopholes and the workarounds. I have written it in English so that even your kids can understand! Enjoy

Part 1 – Contents

  1. What is IRR ? (A complex and simple definition)
  2. A Case to explain the concept of IRR
  3. How to Calculate IRR (Simple math equation and by using Excel’s IRR function)
  4. Investing or Not Investing in the Business (Case Analysis)
  5. Interpreting Positive and Negative IRR
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The most effective PowerPoint Template that I use

August 4, 2015| 4 Comments

Effective PowerPoint Template 1

A few days ago I wrote why I consider PowerPoint Templates Bull Shit ! They truly are! Today I am writing about the only template that has worked for me for almost all business presentations that I have churned out

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5 Classic PowerPoint Animations – Free Course! (100th Blog)

July 28, 2015| 3 Comments

5 Classic Animations for stunning presentations

I am feeling super stoked as I pen down the 100th blog on Goodly and to make this equally interesting for you I have produced a set of videos on 5 Classic PowerPoint Animations

Caution: These animations are jaw dropping !

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How to Vlookup similar (but not matching) records ?

July 16, 2015| No Comments

Vlookup similar but not maching records 1

Rare but a very relevant problem! Isn’t it? A quick heads up on how does it arise?

Imagine for a moment that the ERP at Peter Brothers is not very robust, every time a customer comes in (even if the same customer) the MIS guy makes a New Record.

His whims led to too many similar company names and now it is impossible for Vlookup to match similar company names.

I was asked this question by a participant in a training session about 2 years back, knowing that there was no straight answer to that I kept thinking of a Macro (VBA coding) based solution, a few days later to my surprise I found that Microsoft had already thought about it and rendered a beautiful solution. I am writing about it today (better late than never 😛 )

Without reinventing the wheel let’s see what Microsoft has to offer?  Ready for it?

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