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How to Vlookup similar (but not matching) records ?

July 16, 2015| No Comments

Vlookup similar but not maching records 1

Rare but a very relevant problem! Isn’t it? A quick heads up on how does it arise?

Imagine for a moment that the ERP at Peter Brothers is not very robust, every time a customer comes in (even if the same customer) the MIS guy makes a New Record.

His whims led to too many similar company names and now it is impossible for Vlookup to match similar company names.

I was asked this question by a participant in a training session about 2 years back, knowing that there was no straight answer to that I kept thinking of a Macro (VBA coding) based solution, a few days later to my surprise I found that Microsoft had already thought about it and rendered a beautiful solution. I am writing about it today (better late than never 😛 )

Without reinventing the wheel let’s see what Microsoft has to offer?  Ready for it?

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Beauty Tips for your Excel Reports

July 11, 2015| 2 Comments

How to Beautify your Excel Reports 1

If you tired of making obsolete looking Dashboards/Reports then I have 6 awesome (and equally simple) make over tips for you.

We won’t go overboard in decking up our report until it looks horrible and meaning less but just enough to make it classy and beautiful! Let’s get started.. Shall we?

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How to add totals to your stacked chart?

July 7, 2015| No Comments

How to add totals to Stacked Column Chart

Here is a simple trick to add total labels to your stacked column charts..

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How to pick up right color for your Chart!

June 30, 2015| 1 Comment

How to pick up a right color for your chart 1

If you have been struggling to get the right mix of colors for your charts and visualizations.. This one is for YOU.

Unfortunately Microsoft’s standard color selection is too lame to get it right the first time.. I am including in here as much as I know about colors to make your charts communicate effectively. Let’s get started!

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Why PowerPoint templates are Bullshit !

June 23, 2015| No Comments

PowerPoint Templates are Bullshit

If you have been longing to find an awesome PowerPoint template that will transform the way how your presentation looks.. let me tell you there are none! Let me not just tell you.. let me give you 2 solid reasons to prove it! Ready ?

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