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Dependent DropDowns!

March 8, 2015| 2 Comments

Dependent Dropdowns1

Sometimes you may have a need to create a dropdown list which should be dependent on another dropdown. For instance in the above example depending on the company that you choose (A, B or C) in the Company dropdown, the respective products appear in the products dropdown.

Trust me its not difficult but just a couple of logics combined together to make this dropdown pudding. Let’s do it.. Shall we?

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Quick Chart Formatting Tip

February 24, 2015| 1 Comment

Chart Formatting Tip1

Here is a fun and also really quick way to replicate formatting in your charts

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Format Painter Tip in PowerPoint

February 18, 2015| No Comments

Format Painter Tip1

We all have used the Format Painter once in a while, It is really simple. Lets take a look a 2 simple tricks with the format painter

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Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables – A Case

February 10, 2015| No Comments

Calculated Fields

One of the less known and extremely awesome feature of Pivot Tables is its ability to create calculated fields with in the Pivot Table

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When TRIM function fails to detect the Ghost Spaces!

February 2, 2015| 4 Comments

TRIM Function Fails1

If you have been using the Trim function for a while to delete the extra spaces between your text, you may have encountered that sometimes the TRIM Just Doesn’t Work! Here is what you do in that case

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