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I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
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I am putting together everything about Excel and PowerPoint Presentations
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Broadcast Your Presentation !

December 9, 2014| No Comments

Broadcast Your Presentation

Lets assume a typical meeting scenario at office. Senior executives in India have a presentation to deliver to UK clients and to save costs it is happening over a call! Assuming that you have a powerpoint presentation to share with your clients, which can be done in many ways

  • You email it to your clients
  • You upload it to teamviewer or a software

PowerPoint brings you a pretty awesome Broadcast Presentation feature. It runs the presentation online just as you were delivering the presentation live! minus the PHYSICAL YOU! Lets take a dive..

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Do you know about Sparklines in Excel?

December 8, 2014| No Comments

Sparklines 1

What are these? These are cute little compatible charts that fit in one cell 😆 They are quick and they are awesome! Let’s check them out

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Formula auditing techniques!

November 27, 2014| 2 Comments

F5 & F9 Keys


To Err is to Human and to correct that err is to audit your formulas 😆 Jokes apart, today lets talk about how can we effectively audit our formulas in different ways. I have 5 smart tricks which you can use for various needs! Let’s begin

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A Quick Alternative for ‘Merge Cells’

November 23, 2014| No Comments

Most often we merge the cells when we have to center align a headline between a few cells… don’t we? Which is fine, but the problem occurs when you are writing formulas

Alternative to Merge Cells

We have product code and quantity displayed over 3 days (in merged cells). The Problem arises when you write formulas on the cells merged! 

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Protect Sheet from being edited!

November 18, 2014| No Comments

Protect Sheet

If you wish to guard your sheet from unwanted access, the Protect Sheet feature comes really handy! Let’s take a sneak peak into this

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