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Camera Tool in Excel

September 16, 2014| 6 Comments

Camera Tool in Excel1Did you know that Excel has a 50 Megapixel DSLR Camera with 24 -105 mm lens built into it ?

If you have not caught me yet.. Yes I am kidding 😆 but not about the camera feature.. it really has something called as a camera tool.. let’s check it out and get clicked !! 😎 😀 Cheeeseee!!

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Converting a data dump into a visualization!

September 12, 2014| 1 Comment

Data dump visual A while ago one of my acquaintances asked me if there was a way to convert a data dump for salary structures into a chart. I asked – can you please show me the data ? She gave me the following! and I returned her what you see above 😎

A snapshot of Data Dump

Data dump visual 2

Here is how I did it..
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Pivot Tables on steroids with DATA MODELS !! Excel 2013 Feature

September 10, 2014| 3 Comments

DATA MODELS Pivot Tables have been an all time favorite for most analysts and managers, especially for their simplicity and powerhouse utility. Today let’s inject a steroid named DATA MODEL to our standard pivot tables. But these steroids are available only in Excel 2013


What a DATA MODEL can do for you?

A data model can link multiple data sets (converted into tables) and make a single pivot table. It additionally has a few new formulas for advanced analysis.. let’s not just talk about it but experience it!! Ready for the steroid ?

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The 3 musketeers in PowerPoint – CTRL, ALT & SHIFT

September 6, 2014| No Comments

3 Musketeers in PowerPoint

Just as the inseparable musketeers who lived by the motto all for one, one for all, we have something very similar in PowerPoint. Personally I have been a fan of CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys for their awesome utility.

The awesomeness of these 3 keys was substantially increased in PowerPoint 2010 and above. I’ll be using a mix of PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 to display some kick ass features (mostly they work same in both versions) using CTRL SHIFT and ALT (you are welcome 😆 in advance)

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Adjusting copy-pasted data in correct rows!

September 5, 2014| No Comments

Adjusting Copy Pasted Rows1

Sometimes when we copy paste the data from the web our data gets distorted i.e. becomes a single columnar.. seriously I would just shoot my self if I have to cut and past each gender against the name (in the picture above) and more so if there are a thousand rows.. could there be an easy way to it, YES indeed 😎 ! and that too without VBA (macro)

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