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Hi, Welcome to Goodly! My name is Chandeep


I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
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Do you know about Sparklines in Excel?

December 8, 2014| No Comments

Sparklines 1

What are these? These are cute little compatible charts that fit in one cell 😆 They are quick and they are awesome! Let’s check them out

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Formula auditing techniques!

November 27, 2014| 2 Comments

F5 & F9 Keys


To Err is to Human and to correct that err is to audit your formulas 😆 Jokes apart, today lets talk about how can we effectively audit our formulas in different ways. I have 5 smart tricks which you can use for various needs! Let’s begin

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A Quick Alternative for ‘Merge Cells’

November 23, 2014| No Comments

Most often we merge the cells when we have to center align a headline between a few cells… don’t we? Which is fine, but the problem occurs when you are writing formulas

Alternative to Merge Cells

We have product code and quantity displayed over 3 days (in merged cells). The Problem arises when you write formulas on the cells merged! 

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Protect Sheet from being edited!

November 18, 2014| No Comments

Protect Sheet

If you wish to guard your sheet from unwanted access, the Protect Sheet feature comes really handy! Let’s take a sneak peak into this

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A Primer on the INDEX Function !

November 15, 2014| 1 Comment

Primer on Index

Versatile, Robust, Fast, Simple, Elegant .. oh all that is ME 😆 and The INDEX function too. Since you already know me so let me introduce you to the INDEX function


 Ladies & Gentlemen here is INDEX

If you have been using VLOOKUP for a while, it is time now to graduate baby! Let’s start simple with the Syntax =INDEX(array, row_num, col_num)

  1. Array is your lookup range. Just like your vlookup range!
  2. Row_num is the row number that you want in your array
  3. Col_num (optional) is the column number that you want in your array
  4. Assuming all the values fed in correctly the INDEX returns the intersection of row and column number in the array. Trust me it is that simple 😎


A Case with INDEX

We have here 5 months sales data of different employees (Emp ID) and we want to look up for EMPCD 255 in March

Primer on Index1

Aahaa, it is simple VLOOKUP thingy! But let’s get this done with INDEX

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