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Which quarter is it ?

August 20, 2014| 4 Comments

Finding Quarters for Dates in Excel

I am dedicating this post to my brother, who asked me a simple question last night to find out quarters for a given set of dates. For example

  • 02-Feb-2014 is the 1st Quarter
  • 15-Apr-2013 is the 2nd Quarter
  • 27-Aug-2010 is the 3rd Quarter

I have 2 ways to solve this

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A typical problem with Pictures in Excel

August 18, 2014| No Comments

Filtering Pictures

Hi Guys,

What’s happening ? Lately (16 August) I visited a holy place for Sikhs in Amritsar (Northern India) known as the Golden Temple, more on this later 😀 but as of now lets continue with a problem asked by one the participants in an Excel session. So the question was..

Participant : Chandeep, can we filter photos in Excel ?

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Cell Referencing (& tricks) – the foundation of excel formulas

August 14, 2014| No Comments

Cell Referencing (Main)

Hi Guys,

As you delve deeper into excel formulas you have to be insanely good at some ‘bird’ called Cell Referencing. If you have not heard of it.. that’s okay, heard of it but not know much .. that is also okay. Let’s go and unravel this concept..

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Create a Map Chart for Plotting Cities

August 12, 2014| 24 Comments

Map Chart

Interesting is’nt it?

Often I find managers and analysts making standard charts (or sometimes even pie charts) to map the city wise sales. Here is an interesting way to plot the cities on any country’s map..

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Time Scales in Financial Modeling – Part 1

August 5, 2014| 2 Comments

Hi Guys,

How are you doing? I thought I have been speaking enough about financial modeling (getting started and taking interviews), let me get on to show you a very effective time scale trick and what it can do to our models

Timelines Financial ModelingAccording to changes in the date the revenue and project duration shifts to relevant financial year automatically !

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