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The 3 musketeers in PowerPoint – CTRL, ALT & SHIFT

September 6, 2014| No Comments

3 Musketeers in PowerPoint

Just as the inseparable musketeers who lived by the motto all for one, one for all, we have something very similar in PowerPoint. Personally I have been a fan of CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys for their awesome utility.

The awesomeness of these 3 keys was substantially increased in PowerPoint 2010 and above. I’ll be using a mix of PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 to display some kick ass features (mostly they work same in both versions) using CTRL SHIFT and ALT (you are welcome 😆 in advance)

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Adjusting copy-pasted data in correct rows!

September 5, 2014| No Comments

Adjusting Copy Pasted Rows1

Sometimes when we copy paste the data from the web our data gets distorted i.e. becomes a single columnar.. seriously I would just shoot my self if I have to cut and past each gender against the name (in the picture above) and more so if there are a thousand rows.. could there be an easy way to it, YES indeed 😎 ! and that too without VBA (macro)

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Advanced Filter in Excel

September 3, 2014| 4 Comments

Advanced Filter

If you have been using Filter for a while, it is time now to upgrade to Advanced filter, which I think is more easy to use and offers a great utility than the usual filter in Excel..

Let’s take a dive into this

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The A-Z of Custom Formatting

August 30, 2014| 4 Comments

 Custom Formatting 1

Is this related to Excel ? Yes Mam it is 😆 !!

This picture speaks miles about what we are going to discuss today.. err.. not a slimming course or anything but how custom formatting can change the way how your data looks like!! 😀

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Mail Merge… The Google Way!

August 27, 2014| 2 Comments

Google Mail Merge

Spreadsheets, Presentations, Word Reports seem to be the forte of Microsoft, but I figured out that Google is as powerful in its mail merge capability… Let’s do this and for a change.. the Google Way!! 😎

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