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Adjusting copy-pasted data in correct rows!

September 5, 2014| No Comments

Adjusting Copy Pasted Rows1

Sometimes when we copy paste the data from the web our data gets distorted i.e. becomes a single columnar.. seriously I would just shoot my self if I have to cut and past each gender against the name (in the picture above) and more so if there are a thousand rows.. could there be an easy way to it, YES indeed 😎 ! and that too without VBA (macro)

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Advanced Filter in Excel

September 3, 2014| 4 Comments

Advanced Filter

If you have been using Filter for a while, it is time now to upgrade to Advanced filter, which I think is more easy to use and offers a great utility than the usual filter in Excel..

Let’s take a dive into this

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The A-Z of Custom Formatting

August 30, 2014| 4 Comments

 Custom Formatting 1

Is this related to Excel ? Yes Mam it is 😆 !!

This picture speaks miles about what we are going to discuss today.. err.. not a slimming course or anything but how custom formatting can change the way how your data looks like!! 😀

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Mail Merge… The Google Way!

August 27, 2014| 2 Comments

Google Mail Merge

Spreadsheets, Presentations, Word Reports seem to be the forte of Microsoft, but I figured out that Google is as powerful in its mail merge capability… Let’s do this and for a change.. the Google Way!! 😎

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Time Scales in Financial Modeling – Part 2

August 26, 2014| No Comments

Hi Guys, the second and the final post in the Time Scale series got a bit delayed, my sincere apologies. Let’s begin

Recap of our earlier post

In the earlier post we had seen how can we map the project period in a calendar and link that to our financial model. Do a quick review of the earlier post here – Time Scales in Financial Modeling Part 1

The Problem

Sometimes mere mapping of the relevant project period is not enough but we also have to calculate the number of days during the project period. The number of days would help us calculate accurately things like..

  • The interest payments for the relevant number of days
  • Or the revenue or cost calculation as per the number of days
A snapshot of what we are trying to do
Timescales in FM2 - 1
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