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Hi, Welcome to Goodly! My name is Chandeep


I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
Business Plans / Financial Models and PowerPoint Presentations

I am putting together everything about Excel and PowerPoint Presentations
that I have learnt (and still learning) on this blog

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Know your Charting Arsenal ! (Part 2/3)

July 20, 2014| 2 Comments

After we are done knowing what charts are available in Excel (from Part 1 Chart Arsenal) Let’s just figure out how to do these 2 things

1. Adding / Editing data to your charts

We have a case where we have a pre-built chart for computer sales but we have 2 things missing from the chart. The years on the horizontal axis and the sales of tablets Part 2 Chart Arsenal 1

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10 Rookie Mistakes to avoid while Making Presentations !!

July 19, 2014| 1 Comment

Hi Guys,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.. Just posting something interesting for your Monday Morning Presentations.. Check out for my top 10 rookie mistakes to avoid in presentations



Some Additional Resources

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Know your Charting Arsenal ! (Part 1/3)

July 17, 2014| 1 Comment

Ok we aren’t going for a war but I want you to be killer at charting so I call the tools as arsenal… let’s begin

I travel a lot and train people on PowerPoint and Excel in companies and often I have found people either forgetting or not knowing the chart tools available to them, so I am dedicating this 3 part post to all of you who need more arsenal. Along the way I’ll keep pointing out the Excel 2007 v/s 2013 version differences

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Recent Consulting Project (5 Presentation Tips + Downloads)

July 14, 2014| No Comments

Hi Guys, I recently finished working on a consulting project (a business presentation) for an MNC. I’d like to share some cool tips that I used while making the presentation

Tip 1. Creating Focus with Fades

Often helpful when you want to stage out the information in the slide

Recent Consutling Project1


In the above slide I wanted to first talk about the services and then draw the attention completely to the infrastructure setup required


Tip 2. Explain Models and Processes with Info Graphic Icons – They really do the trick !

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Org Chart in 60 Seconds .. and you’ll love me for this in 3 Steps

July 12, 2014| 2 Comments

Organisation Charts in 60 Seconds

Okay so what I have for you here is a super awesome time saving technique on creating organisation charts .. but for a change let’s do this the Google way..!

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