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Convert Text Heavy Slides into Beautiful Presentations

January 23, 2017| No Comments

Convert text heavy slides into beautiful presentation

A ton of people face this problem: How to convert text heavy slides into visually beautiful presentations. Often you would hear advice like

  1. Convert your data into chart / graphs
  2. Add pictures and bla bla..


This is cool but the problem is

  1. What if the presentation is purely textual with no numbers to be converted into charts ?
  2. And most times you’ll start working on the presentation at the 11th hour which has to be presented at 12th


Let me show what I did and share one of my recent presentation project

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The Ultimate VLOOKUP Guide

January 16, 2017| No Comments

The Ulimate Vlookup Guide 1A lot beyond conventional VLOOKUP

“Knowing VLookup is cool but just knowing Vlookup is awful”

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Allot the correct shift – Excel Challenge

January 10, 2017| 11 Comments


I few weeks ago I conducted a training session for a large manufacturing company in India and faced an interesting question during the training program.

I want you to take a look at the problem and try knocking it down

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How to Publish an Online Dashboard using Excel

January 2, 2017| 9 Comments


If you are reading this in early January of 2017, wish you a very happy new year! This being the first post in 2017, let’s try something new !

In this post I am going to show you how to publish your report or dashboard (that you have created in Excel) online.

By publishing it online I mean that once you have created the spreadsheet in your computer you can then create a shareable link and multiple users can access that report. And sure enough the report will be dynamic with all the slicers, buttons and fancy controls working in sync.

The only difference(s)

  • You work looks more smart and light (since you send a link and not a 50 MB attachment)
  • The users just get to see the smart dashboard and not the heavy duty workings that you have put in at the back-end
  • And possibly a brownie point for your promotion.. may be??
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Combine Text in Multiple Rows into a single cell using TEXTJOIN Function

December 12, 2016| No Comments


Often times you may have the need to perform unusual tasks in Excel. One of such tasks is combining text in multiple rows into a single cell.

Here is a snapshot of a question asked from a friend!

At the first glance it looks like a simple Concatenate function but it is not! Because you’ll have to refer each cell separately in the concatenate function which is as good as doing manual work. Psss..

Here is an interesting way to get this done!

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