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Hi, Welcome to Goodly! My name is Chandeep


I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
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I am participating in Excel World Champ

October 12, 2016| 4 Comments

and this was the chart that I presented as my contest entry


Quick brief and Listicles (for random visitors and not so Goodly people ;D)

  1. This year I got to know about this contest (I guess from some twitter feed) organised by Microsoft
  2. There is no fee to participate in the contest. It started on 3rd Oct 2016
  3. There are 4 rounds. Trials, Qualifying Heat, Semis and Finals
  4. As of date the 1st Round is over and I am headed towards Round 2 – Qualifying Heat


For all Goodly folks and friends, below is a more meaty and a real time talk!

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5 Extremely Useful Array Formulas

October 7, 2016| 3 Comments


Often there are tasks in excel that seem impossible to perform. Array formulas can handle a lot of that impossibility and do miraculous things. The problem is that array formulas is one difficult topics in Excel

“With great formula power comes great complexity”

Chandeep’s lame claim to fame 😀

For that very fact I am going to discuss with you 5 extremely helpful array formulas that I find myself using very often.

  • Cool fact 1 – You can just copy & paste the formula to make it work in your own scenario
  • Not so cool fact 2 – Make sure you confirm the formula in the cell by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER. Array formulas don’t work without that
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10 AutoSum and Sum Formula Tricks

September 29, 2016| 3 Comments


Taking a total of cells in Excel is what everyone knows how to do it. But that simple Sum Function can be used in many intriguing ways and for various purposes

Today I have 10 such tricks for you! Check out how many are new for you!

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Filter Data by Selection (Quick Tip)

September 27, 2016| 5 Comments


I mean how cool is that if you could just filter the data by cell selection instead of relentlessly checking and un-checking options in the the filter drop down

Well today’s blog post is going to make your life a hell lot easy! 

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We Won Chandoo’s Contest!

September 23, 2016| 15 Comments


A while ago, Chandoo wrote me an email, stating that we have won the Visualization Contest that was held in June this year! His email caused sweaty palms, spike in heart rate and obviously extreme elation!

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