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How to Manage Multiple Slicers in a Dashboard

August 6, 2016| 1 Comment

Manage Multiple Slicers in a Dashboard

Very often while making a complex dashboard you would find yourself using multiple slicers to slice and dice the data in multiple ways. But the only drawback could be managing space to fit all of them on the screen!

Let’s see a smart work around for that

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Slicer Formatting Tricks

August 2, 2016| 5 Comments

Slicers Formatting Tricks

Yesterday I wrote a pretty comprehensive post on creating slicers in Pivot Tables. Taking our understanding on slicers a bit further, I today want to talk about formatting slicers.

Now even the default design of the slicers look pretty catchy but when you see the insane possibilities of customizing the looks of the slicer, default formatting becomes a no – no

In this post I am going to talk in detail about

  1. Adding/Deleting elements of the Slicer
  2. Slicer Options and Tools : Alignment, Default Styles, Sizes of Buttons and Slicers
  3. Modifying a Slicer + Its advantages and drawbacks
  4. How to copy Slicer Styles
  5.  General guidelines for formatting Slicers
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Slicers in Excel

August 1, 2016| 4 Comments

Slicers in Excel 1

I am going to start writing about slicers assuming that you don’t know about them at all and then graduate you to more complex nitty gritties of slicers.

Slicers happen to be one of the most interactive and simple to use features in excel. Let’s begin with the basic question..

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A Quick Work Place Tour – Just for fun!

July 29, 2016| 10 Comments

Work Place Tour 1

I thought of recording a quick video for a random chat and show you around my workplace. Since we may or may not have met, just wanted to say a quick HI 😉

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Custom Sorting in Excel

July 26, 2016| 5 Comments

Custom Sorting in Excel

With the default sorting option you can sort the data (text, numbers, dates etc..) in ascending/ descending or alphabetical order but what if you want to have your own sorting criteria?

In that case Custom Sorting comes to rescue, this little trick can help you save countless hours of manual work

Let’s check it out

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