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I do consulting and training on MS Excel, Business Intelligence Dashboards,
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25 Excel Formula Hacks for Everyday Use

August 29, 2016| 2 Comments

25 Formula Hacks for everyday use main

Often times when you work with excel you can use these hacks (simple formulas) in your larger formulas to ease your work. I could think of 25 of them but I am sure there are many. Why don’t you go through these and add to list the ones that you use most often..

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Threshold Chart in Excel

August 23, 2016| 6 Comments

Threshold Chart in Excel 1

The reason why I call this as a Threshold Chart is because the lower point can only be equal to the threshold and not exceed it!

Although I am using Asset Depreciation Data for this chart but a threshold chart can be applied to multiple places. I’ll talk about its applications in a bit more detail in a while… but first the chart

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Create Dynamic Text Boxes in Excel

August 16, 2016| 1 Comment

Create Dynamic Text Boxes in Excel

I am sure you would have worked with the text boxes in Word or PowerPoint or even Excel but the trick I am going to share with you will make the text boxes dynamic.. in simple terms the text can change as per the situation

The applications of this technique in Dashboards, Charts and Visualizations is pretty helpful

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Make a Dashboard in 15 Mins – [Case Study]

August 9, 2016| No Comments

Make a Dashboard in 15 Mins

Last week I received an email and this is what it said..

Make a Dashboard in 15 Mins - 3

This mail got me thinking of writing something exclusively on (how tos about) Dashboards. Just out of curiosity, I additionally reached out to a few people and asked them their biggest challenge for making quick and smart dashboard.

2 major responses popped up!

  1. “Chandeep, making a dashboard is difficult”
  2. “Chandeep, it’s time consuming”


So now I understand the problem. In this post I am going to solve both these problems and teach you to make simple and yet powerful dashboards in just 15 mins. And the good part is that the concept will apply on most data sets

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How to Manage Multiple Slicers in a Dashboard

August 6, 2016| 1 Comment

Manage Multiple Slicers in a Dashboard

Very often while making a complex dashboard you would find yourself using multiple slicers to slice and dice the data in multiple ways. But the only drawback could be managing space to fit all of them on the screen!

Let’s see a smart work around for that

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