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Vlookup Horizontally for Multiple Records

February 17, 2018| 1 Comment

 Vlookup Horizontally for Multiple Records 11

One of our student, Akash sent me a problem. How would you solve it ? or in How many ways can you solve this ?

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3 Awesome Ways To Filter Pivot Tables

February 14, 2018| No Comments

3 ways to filter pivot tables

There are time when you learn something incredibly simple and can’t resist sharing it.

This is one of that post where filtering the pivot table is extremely easy, not the fact that it was hard (concept) earlier.. but still this trick is fun!

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Convert Multiple Columns in Rows

February 6, 2018| 9 Comments

Convert Multiple Columns into Rows

Someone asked this interesting question on the PowerBI forum. Interesting enough that it deserves a blog post and could be relevant problem for a lot of people around

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5 Common Excel Problems and Fixes

February 4, 2018| No Comments

5 excel problems and fixes

Often you might have these little bugs that bother you in life but since I write about Excel, I’ll try to fix your bugs in that context 😀

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common problems

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Repeat Row N Times

January 26, 2018| 10 Comments

Repeat Row N Times 1

A while ago I met the Head of Human Resources for a Financial Services Company. And you can very well guess that the nature of the meeting sure had to do with solving a peculiar spreadsheet problem.

Here is (a part of the problem) what her team was grappling with

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