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Download all my Dashboards and Visualizations

November 22, 2017| No Comments

All Dashboards & Visualizations

In the last few years of Blogging I have made quite a few Dashboards and Visualizations. In this post I’ll put them together so that you can access them at a single place

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Deaths by Suicide – Inappropriate Chart

November 21, 2017| 1 Comment

Inappropriate Chart

An inappropriate charting anecdote..

I was on a flight to bangalore, gazing people around. The next second, the front row passenger swung his hands behind the head rest!

I felt disgusted – Wondering why? then you probably haven’t clicked on ‘his hands’ link

So I grabbed the news paper stuck in front of my seat and I felt even more disgusted. I saw the chart above!

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Dynamic Pie Charts in Excel

November 13, 2017| No Comments

Dynamic Pie Chart in Excel

I am sure it has been written over a million times in the excel/charting community that Pie Charts are severely overrated than their actual utility but still people seem to have a heart for them.. at times by their own choice or because of their “pie loving” bosses.

Nonetheless, if you happen to use a pie chart for whatsoever reason, let me teach you how to spice it up i.e. How to Make your Pie Chart Dynamic

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Use Slicers as Selection Buttons

November 9, 2017| No Comments

Excel Slicers as Selection Buttons

This is a Chart-Pro’s tip!

If you have been tired of using drop downs or selection buttons (form-x/active-x controls) in your dashboard/charts then it is time that you learn something really cool and fancy

You can instead use Slicers as Selection Buttons!

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Scroll 2 Excel Files Simultaneously

October 31, 2017| 1 Comment

Scroll 2 Excel Files Simultaneously

This post is about one of those times when you realized that you just need to look into the raw data (rather than creating a pivot) and let’s say from 2 or more files.

In order to save you from continuously hitting ALT+TAB you can scroll two or more excel files simultaneously. Yes Seriously..!

Here is how it works

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