Hi, My name is Chandeep Chhabra

Let's get to know each other! I'll talk first.. I love to do these 3 things in life

  1. Deliver awesome training programs on MS Excel and PowerPoint Presentations
  2. Take up consulting assignments for creating Business Presentations, Business Plans / Financial Models and Dashboards using Excel
  3. Each time I do a training or a consulting assignment, I strive to make it a wow experience. Like seriously WaoW!

A bit more about me!

I am 29 years old and I stay in Gurgaon, India. Back in 2010 till the end of 2013, I used to work for an investment bank, helping startups raise capital. Like most other analysts, my job was to crunch numbers in Excel and then create presentations for conclusions. After working for about 4 years in Investment Banking the self employment bug bit me. So in December 2013 I quit my full time job to offer people my skill in Excel Modeling and creating PowerPoint Presentations (perhaps two of the few things that I had learnt really well :D) and Goodly was born

How did I come up with the name Goodly ?

Frankly the name Goodly is not even my creation. When I went out to ask for work, I was lucky to find work but then while billing the clients I din’t have a firm name, so I called my mother, she was then running a desktop publishing (DTP) business by the name Goodly (originally my father’s creation) and I borrowed her business name for 2 simple reasons

    1. I rather wanted to break my head in giving incredible value to my clients than coming up with million dollar name
    2. I was sure, NOT to name the business on lines of “Advance Tech Solutions LLP”, that is so much not me! So, it is simple. It is Goodly!

Let’s Connect

I would love to add value to your business, whether it is a training assignment or a consulting project. I suggest you to head over to my training or consulting page to know about my offerings in detail. If you wish to write me in person, here is my email : [email protected]

Now its your turn! Please tell me about you (your work, life and how do you think I can be of your help)


  • Taranjit Kaur

    Chandeep Sir it was fantastic session…lots of new learning and tactics… U r really a master of excel….

  • rosita effe

    Hi Goodly!nice to know you!it seems you are a GURU and from today rositaeffe will follow you from ITALY

    • Hi Rosita,
      Glad you liked my work. I’ll be happy to stay in touch.. Cheers

  • Vijay Singh Sinhmar (VJ)

    How can i get in touch with you directly

  • Vignesh Veerasamy

    Hi,Can you give some good templates for Minutes of Meeting with actions items in Excel.
    I shall also map a dashboard along with it to monitor my team’s performance.
    I am looking out for some.

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