Although almost all my blog posts have some or the other excel file (which is downloadable) but I am exclusively creating this page for some of the rich guides (pdfs) that I have published during the time.

I’ll make sure to keep updating the list so be sure to bookmark this page!

happy downloading 😀



  1. Excel & PowerPoint Speed Tips e-books
  2. Ulimate Vlookup Guide
  3. Improve the Look and Feel of your Dashboards
  4. Pick up the Right Chart – Game
  5. Pick up the Right Chart – Solutions
  6. Pick up the Right Chart – Guide



  1. 100+ Excel Shortcuts
  2. PowerPoint Shortcuts
  3. Excel Shortcuts for Mac Users
  4. VBA Shortcuts


Formulas & Functions


Let me know if you have any problems with any of the downloads and of course drop in a comment for your feedback


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  • Aviral

    Hi Chandeep
    I came across a problem which I haven’t been able to solve. Can you please guide me on this?
    I have two tables – Source_Table and Destination_Table in the same sheet having the same number of rows and columns.
    I want to link the two such that any changes made in Source_Table should reflect in Destination_Table as well.
    This should include inserting or deleting a row.
    P.S. – I want to do this without using macros

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