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Facebook Dashboard in Excel

Facebook Dashboard in Excel

While casually playing around with PowerQuery, I was able to connect my personal Facebook page with Excel and bring in all the data (posts, likes, comments etc..) into excel

I was like this : “Dude this is Gold!” and then the Facebook Dashboard happened !

I made a short video to take you through how did I setup the dashboard, plus some mistakes and things that I could have improved. Take a look


Application of this Dashboard

My fb stats are potentially useless for anyone (unless you are really into me 😀). But a dashboard like this has massive application for business users of Facebook (people who posts a ton of sponsored posts)

Using PowerQuery you can dynamically connect your fb data and get it in excel and model it any which way you want. It is pretty much a game changing thing for digital marketeers because I have seen most of them manually downloading excel sheets from Facebook


and finally..



You can even experiment with the dashboard by using your own login credentials and pulling in your own fb data. Let me know how did you find it by leaving a comment.


A few more Dashboards

  1. 30 Day Challenge Dashboard (created from my personal running challenge)
  2. Flight Schedule Dashboard
  3. Sales Funnel Dashboard
  4. RIO Olympics Visualization
  5. Republic Day Visualization


That is pretty much it for this day. Chao!


  • mma173

    This is amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • French Candle

    Hi Chandeep, first off I’d like to say thanks for the spreadsheet and your informative video. I have downloaded and changed the connection parameters to my facebook page I would like to connect to my business (Fan) page and get the insights data from there. Is this possible and can you let me know how I can make this change.


    • Hi Glad you liked it. I’ll look into, how can you make this work for your business page.. cheers!

  • French Candle

    Hi Chandeep, ignore my previous post as I’ve found a solution here

    which shows how to modify the URL and get over the subsequent error limit issue however, the month slicer on the DB page only goes upto Aug, perhaps this when you created the work book and yet I have data right up to today. How can I change the sliver to add Sept, Oct etc?


    • You can add more dates to the calendar table and it should update. Let me know if you have more cusotomizations to be done- [email protected]

  • French Candle

    Thanks for your reply to my post on your website. Just to refresh you, I’ve downloaded your workbook and change the connections to my Facebook business page and the data is being pulled through.

    The issue I have is with the Slicer on the DB page, when I select 2017 the available month are only up to Aug and not Oct as we are in now. I thought by adding the extra dates to the sheet “Sheet1” that may fixed it but it doesn’t.

    I can see that on Power Pivot -> Manage there is “Calendar” tab where the dates go up to the end of August but, I do not know how to extend this. I assume if this was extended then power pivot table would adjust accordingly.

    Can you please point me in the right direction.

    Apart from that I love the workbook and I have already spotted some interesting trends.

    Warmest Regards

    Steve French

Chandeep Chhabra

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