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Slicers in Excel

August 1, 2016| 4 Comments

Slicers in Excel 1

I am going to start writing about slicers assuming that you don’t know about them at all and then graduate you to more complex nitty gritties of slicers.

Slicers happen to be one of the most interactive and simple to use features in excel. Let’s begin with the basic question..

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A Quick Work Place Tour – Just for fun!

July 29, 2016| 10 Comments

Work Place Tour 1

I thought of recording a quick video for a random chat and show you around my workplace. Since we may or may not have met, just wanted to say a quick HI 😉

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Custom Sorting in Excel

July 26, 2016| 6 Comments

Custom Sorting in Excel

With the default sorting option you can sort the data (text, numbers, dates etc..) in ascending/ descending or alphabetical order but what if you want to have your own sorting criteria?

In that case Custom Sorting comes to rescue, this little trick can help you save countless hours of manual work

Let’s check it out

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Separate the values in Columns – [Excel Challenge]

July 21, 2016| 17 Comments

Separate the values in Columns - [Excel Challenge] 1

Here is a fun challenge for this weekend. Recently I was asked a question that if I could separate the data from a single cell in different columns?

Sure enough I did that but I wanted to figure out if there was an even smarter way to do that

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Use Data Validation Drop Down as On Off Switches

July 19, 2016| No Comments

Use Data Validation as On Off Switches

Have you ever used a regular item for a non regular use? Let’s say using a bangle for opening a bottle of coke or tapping a tea spoon for making noise 😆 Funny indeed but these fixes at times are pretty robust.

On a similar note, let’s take a look at how can you unusually use Data Validation drop down feature for creating ON/OFF (show/hide) switches for your Charts / Calculations

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