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Find the Total Hours – Excel Challenge

September 8, 2016| 15 Comments

Find the Total Hours - Excel Challenge 1

Last week Leslie, one of our readers asked a very interesting question! At the first glance it looked pretty simple but then I got trumped when I deep dived into the question.

This is what she wrote

This weekend I want you to solve this for Leslie! Are you ready?

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Use Camera Tool to make Dynamic Charts in Excel

September 5, 2016| 2 Comments

Use the Camera Tool to make Dynamic Charts

Excel has some pretty kick ass unique features and one of them is the Camera Tool. On the face of it, it looks like no big deal. But the camera tool when combined with a formula and options buttons, can help you make a pretty awesome dynamic chart

Let’s get right into it!

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RIO Olympics Visualization in Excel

August 30, 2016| 13 Comments

Rio Olympics Visualization 2
Visualization 1 – Change in Rankings


Rio Olympics Visualization
Visualization 2 – Overall


Recently the Olympics have been the talk of the town! Personally I have been following Olympics for just 2 reasons

  1. To see the medal count for India
  2. To be astonished by the performance of US


When the Olympics ended I thought why not make a Dashboard and feed people with analytics of RIO and may be even compare it to London Olympics. Both of these are unlocked, rip them apart and see how did I put them together

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25 Excel Formula Hacks for Everyday Use

August 29, 2016| 2 Comments

25 Formula Hacks for everyday use main

Often times when you work with excel you can use these hacks (simple formulas) in your larger formulas to ease your work. I could think of 25 of them but I am sure there are many. Why don’t you go through these and add to list the ones that you use most often..

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Threshold Chart in Excel

August 23, 2016| 6 Comments

Threshold Chart in Excel 1

The reason why I call this as a Threshold Chart is because the lower point can only be equal to the threshold and not exceed it!

Although I am using Asset Depreciation Data for this chart but a threshold chart can be applied to multiple places. I’ll talk about its applications in a bit more detail in a while… but first the chart

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