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Create a Dot Chart in Excel

June 10, 2016| 10 Comments

Dot Chart

The other day while helping someone out to create a visualization from a performance rating data, I thought of creating a Dot Chart, where dots get filled depending on the score. I really liked what finally came out and thought it would be of much use to you as well!

So, here we go !

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16 Life and Time saving Pivot Table Tricks

June 7, 2016| 4 Comments

Pivot Table Tricks and Hacks 1

Today let me share with you 16 gold nuggets that will help you save your time while crunching numbers with pivot tables! Excel hacks are equivalent to gold nuggets for people like us.. aren’t they? Lets get started

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How to pick up the Right Chart – Guide

June 2, 2016| No Comments

How to pick up the right chart

Often a wrong type of a chart for your data won’t communicate the right message. Charts are made for easier & faster interpretation of data and a wrong chart can do the opposite

I wanted to pour my heart out to help gain the skill of picking up the right chart. I suggest you should bookmark this because I am going to make this pretty comprehensive and awesome!

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Funnel Chart Visualization – Tutorial

May 30, 2016| No Comments

Funnel Chart Viz

In this tutorial I am going to take you through a funnel chart visualization. Surprisingly this visualization is not any type of a chart rather it is made up of formulas that have been smartly formatted make it look like a chart.

Let’s get into it!

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Help me understand your needs better – Excel Survey

May 21, 2016| No Comments

Excel Survey

This year, I am putting in a lot of time and energy in

  • Writing the best content for you,
  • Recording awesome kick ass explainer videos
  • And launching the best online courses

And to do all of that I need your help 🙂

Please spare 10 mins to take a short Excel survey, this survey will help me understand your usage of excel, your struggle areas and things that you want to learn in Excel

If for any reason you face a technical difficulty in filling up the form. Please use this link –

Thank you so much for taking out time, I really appreciate your help!


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