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Pick up the Right Chart – Solutions

May 19, 2016| No Comments

Pick up the Right Chart

I got an incredible response to the charting game that I posted last week, especially to test your skills on picking up the right chart as per the data and the objective

In this post …

  1. I am not only going to give the right answers to all the cases
  2. But also give out the reasons for the correct answer
  3. And will also give you my interpretation of your score!
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17 Date Hacks and Tips in Excel

May 17, 2016| No Comments

17 Date hacks and tips 1

If you often work with dates, you’ll find these hacks incredibility useful. Chances are that you might already know some of them and might find few new ones as well. Let’s jump right into it

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Pick the Right Chart : A Game!

May 13, 2016| 15 Comments

Pick up the Right Chart

Hello Fellas, I am putting last week’s promise into action, where I talked about a game that we are going to play.

Here is the full scoop of all the juicy details. Are you ready for it? If you decide to read further, I strongly recommend you to read each and every word of this post (don’t worry it is a short one, no bones all meat)

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Charting Exercise Solution – (Internet, News, Tweets..)

May 10, 2016| 3 Comments

Charting Exercise Solution 1

If you missed participating in last week’s question. Here is a quick recap.


  • Give your best shot in creating a chart from it
  • Paste the snapshot of your chart in the comments

You can read the full story here !

Don’t scroll down to see my solution before you submit yours 😀 !

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Make a Chart from this Data – Charting Exercise

May 7, 2016| 11 Comments

I generally don’t read news papers but I have subscribed to 2 of them…Why?

  • I take a look at all the charts and visualizations and steal ideas from the good ones and come up with ideas to improve the bad ones
  • As far as the noise (news) is concerned, it will find a way to reach me if it is important enough!

In a similar chart browsing sessions last week, I found a bad chart! Take a look..

Make a Chart from this Data (Task)

It appeared in MINT (4th May) on Page 24 and talked about the hot topics of social media (and other channels) region wise.

I don’t think this is an example of a good chart

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