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Create Class Intervals in Excel – 3 Ways

March 25, 2016| No Comments

Class Interval in Excel

The word ‘Class Interval‘ takes me back to the math class in school. Trust me, I had a tough time understanding Class Intervals and Frequency Distribution jargons. Several years later (now) when I finally believe I have understood its meaning and application, I want to keep it really simple for you and talk about 3 different ways to create it in Excel

All English and no Jargons.. promise!

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Remove background color from your pictures (powerpoint trick)

March 22, 2016| No Comments

Remove Patches from your Pictures

Quite often we have to get rid of background patches in the images that we use in our presentations. Let’s take an example of Goodly logo with a white background patch visible when placed on a grey box. Is there a way to remove that patch and have a clean logo?

Of course there is and I am going to be sharing 2 ways to do it..

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Infographics Charts in Excel – Part 2

March 18, 2016| No Comments

Infographic Chart in Excel Part 2

In Part 2 of Infograhic Charts, I’ll share with you to create this interesting infograhic in Excel. Here we have a single human icon, which dynamically gets filled depending on the value chosen in the drop down

Here is how it is created..

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Infographics Chart in Excel Part 1

March 15, 2016| No Comments

Infographics Chart in Excel
The source of inspiration for this chart came when Shuttershock was charging me for downloading a similar infographic chart. I din’t buy, I am thrifty 😉 It helped me save a couple of bucks and also come up with a way to make an infographic chart in Excel

Let’s do this together! Shall we?

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How to Sum Digits of a Number

March 11, 2016| 2 Comments

How to Sum Digits of a Number

The roots of this blog post come from the following conversation from one of my training sessions

Participant : “Chandeep, the other day I went with my wife to buy a new mobile number. Since my wife is a bit finicky about astrology, she requested the shopkeeper to show us mobile numbers totaling to 9. The shopkeeper, along with his dirty looks sent me a dump of numbers and asked me to do it myself”

Me : I was trying to come up with a formula while he sharing his ordeal of manually totaling up phone numbers

Let’s dedicate this blog post to that lady and to everyone else who needs a total of digits

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