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How to improve your Excel Dashboard Skills

June 23, 2017| 1 Comment

How to Improve your Excel Dashboard Skills

People often write to me –

“Chandeep, What should I do to become really good at creating Dashboards ?”

These kind of related questions are arriving my Inbox more often than others, so I thought of putting together a well structured post that talks about –

  • What it takes to create an awesome Dashboard – Process
  • How to do you become better at it with time – Skills
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How to make your Dashboards more Insightful

June 15, 2017| 2 Comments

Making your Dashboards more Insightful

Today let me share with you some of my favorite techniques to bring more insight and pack more killer information in your Dashboards. Although these tips are in no particular order but you should adhere to them as much as you can

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How to improve the Look and Feel of your Dashboards – Guide

June 7, 2017| 2 Comments

Improve the look and feel of your Dashboards 1

I have seen a lot of awesome and terrible Dashboards and have realized that there are just a few things to fix to drastically change the way your Dashboard looks

I am going to share with you my top fixes to improve the look and feel of your Dashboards

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Change Pivot Table Values Field using VBA

May 29, 2017| 2 Comments

Dynamically Change Pivot Table Calculations

Recently while working on an HR Dashboard I worked out a nifty solution to change the calculations for a pivot table dynamically using a short VBA code.

I am going to do a complete tear down of how did I do it. Let’s take a dive!

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Dashboard Survey

May 23, 2017| No Comments

I want to understand your biggest challenges when it comes to creating Business Dashboards.

I have put together a set of 6 questions that’ll help me understand what kind of material should I write and produce that will help you create kick ass Dashboards

Please spare a few minutes and open your heart out to the following questions..

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If for any reason you face a technical difficulty in filling up the form. Please use this link –


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