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Change the way your excel screen looks! [Quick Tip]

April 8, 2016| No Comments

Change the way how your excel screen looks

I din’t want to write a heavy duty post on Friday. So let’s give ourselves and Excel a bit of fun! If you are getting bored with how your Excel screen looks, then there is way to customize it.

Let me show you how!

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30 Day Challenge Dashboard

April 5, 2016| 6 Comments

30 Day Challenge Dashboard

On 1st March 2016, I challenged my self to run 150 kms. 5 km each day for 30 days back to back and I am extremely stoked to tell you that I have successfully completed that challenge. Woohoo!

I want to share with you everything about the #30daychallenge (the highs, the lows, the mishaps, the resources) and a beautiful Dashboard I made from all the data that I collected during these 30 days

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6 Quick Access Toolbar Customizations in PowerPoint

April 1, 2016| No Comments

6 Quick Access Toolbar Customizations

If you are a person who has to make a lot of presentations (by choice or by force) then you can relate to the ordeal. I mean the time that it takes to format a presentation is crazy. And all of that goes in vain if you get to hear this from your boss: “This is not good, do it again”. All that time sucking pain in the ass effort has to be repeated.

I am going to share with you some personal customization techniques that I have made in PowerPoint that help me work a hell lot faster while formatting / creating a presentation. They are simple to implement and quick to learn..

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Find the Occurrence of a Word in a Sentence

March 29, 2016| No Comments

Occurrence of a word in a sentence

This is a one odd problem that I was asked that how can we find occurrence of a word in a sentence. A simple formula can do it..

Let’s see how

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Create Class Intervals in Excel – 3 Ways

March 25, 2016| No Comments

Class Interval in Excel

The word ‘Class Interval‘ takes me back to the math class in school. Trust me, I had a tough time understanding Class Intervals and Frequency Distribution jargons. Several years later (now) when I finally believe I have understood its meaning and application, I want to keep it really simple for you and talk about 3 different ways to create it in Excel

All English and no Jargons.. promise!

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