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IF, NestedIF, AND & BOOLEAN Logic

January 21, 2016| 4 Comments

IF, Nestedif, AND & Boolean

Today, let me tell you a couple of interesting things about the IF function and its different variations

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Sliding Panel in Excel

January 8, 2016| No Comments

Sliding Panel in Excel–> Cool, Isn’t it?

The other day I used the sliding panel technique in a Dashboard and it turned out pretty well. It acted like a control panel for all settings and options of my Dashboard! Let me show you how to set this up in your spreadsheet

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Highlighting Parts of a Stacked Chart

January 5, 2016| 2 Comments

Highlighting Parts of a Stacked Chart 1

I am excited to write the first post of this year! This post is going to help you simplify your stacked charts. Let’s get started!

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Encircle Data Points in a Line Chart

December 28, 2015| No Comments

Encircle Data Points in a Line Chart 1

Here is a quick trick to encircle specific data points in your line chart

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Justify Command in Excel

December 8, 2015| 4 Comments

Justify Command in Excel

This is an interesting application of one of the tools available in Excel! It helps you break the text string in a single line in multiple rows and vice versa

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