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How to Re-arrange Data for a Pivot Table

March 4, 2016| 1 Comment

Rearrange data for Pivot Table

If you and I interact on emails, you know that I asked you this question. Nevertheless even if you are a first timer, let me start from the top and explain you the case

Take a look at the data below.

Rearrange data for Pivot Table 1

Nothing much to explain, we have a matrix with

  • Employee Code
  • Level
  • Joining Date
  • And against each employee code we have 24 months of Salary (depending on joining date)

So, if I asked you a question – Tell me the Level wise, salary payout quarter by quarter in the year 2014 and 2015? How would you solve this question

If you are an avid pivot table user you’ll notice 2 things

  1. You can solve this under 30 Seconds
  2. But the problem is that this data is not kept in way, which can be used in a pivot table
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How to extract unique values from a range – 2 Ways

March 1, 2016| 1 Comment

Extract Unique Values 1

Often we need to extract unique values from a range of data. Although to do that there is already a built in Remove Duplicates feature in Excel. But here are 2 more ways to do it

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Presentation Rework Series – 04

February 26, 2016| 4 Comments

Presentation Rework - Bitcoin Banner

Introduction to Presentation Rework

I have written and read many posts about making awesome presentations and surprisingly ALL of them (including mine) fail to make a “real impact”, the impact of changing a raw presentation and converting it into a beautiful, thought provoking and impactful display of information

Do you know why?

Because creating an awesome presentation is much more than

  1. Picking up a beautiful template and filling it up
  2. Dumping colors, fonts and pictures and expecting the presentation to come out great
  3. Knowing 100 + features of PowerPoint

So I wanted to do something different..

Rather than just writing piles of text on “How to stuff..” I thought of taking a random but real Presentation and reworking it to make it awesome

I will give you downloadable files (pre and post rework), videos and commentary about my thought process and more importantly the reason(s) behind why I chose something over the other. Hopefully this will give you insights on what works and more importantly what doesn’t

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Customizing Markers in a Chart

February 23, 2016| 4 Comments

Customizing Markers in a Chart

An icon of a car feels so cool when you are talking about cars in a chart. Isn’t so? Let’s see how can we do that!

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7 Date Formulas that make life easy

February 21, 2016| 2 Comments

7 Date Formulas

At times managing dates can be tricky. Here are 7 Date Formulas and tips to make your life super easy

  1. How to find the exact age ?
  2. How to find the last Friday & Second Saturday of the month ?
  3. How to find the Quarter number and Indian Financial Year Quarter ?
  4. How to convert dates (as text) from mm-dd-yy format to dd-mm-yy format ?
  5. How to calculate the Project End Date ?
  6. How to calculate Project Days ?
  7. Cool Bonus Tips on Dates
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