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How to Master Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

September 7, 2017| 9 Comments

How to Master Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

It makes me eerie when people (especially in live workshops) say that Excel Shortcuts are “The Thing” in Excel and helped them save a ton of time!

Especially when I know and (have lived) the fact that there are a ton of supernatural features in Excel that can take you on a whole new level and dude…. In 2017, Excel Shortcuts still turn you on?

But when I lay down on floor sometimes (and have nothing else to think) I think it’s not their fault, may be they don’t know how to master keyboard shortcuts

In this post I will do my best to end your envy with that excel junkie in your office who seems to be taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to boost his keyboard skills.. NO he is not!

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Plotting multiple projections in a Line Chart

September 5, 2017| 1 Comment

Plotting multiple projections in a Line Chart - 1

Recently I was helping a friend create a dynamic line chart that can plot multiple projections. Thanks to him, it came out pretty awesome and it definitely deserves to be shared

Let’s take dive into how would you make something like this..

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Fill Handle Shortcuts in Excel

August 31, 2017| 1 Comment

Fill Handle Shortcuts in Excel

Personally speaking.. I am keyboard fan and always endorse it over mouse, but every once in a while especially while creating some dummy data I use the fill handle in excel


Here are some pretty awesome fill handle shortcuts that I have learnt along the way!

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Sales Funnel Chart in Excel (Video Tutorial)

August 21, 2017| 1 Comment

Sales Funnel Chart in Excel

I had been toying around with the idea of creating a nice and meaningful funnel chart and I am glad it is finally here. Although in this example I have picked up a random sales data but this chart can be used in any scenario where you have funnelled stages!

Eg. Sales Funnel Chart (like the one above), Interview Process Funnel Chart, Call Drop Funnel (for a call center)

It not the usual funnel chart that you see around and to make it dynamic (and sexy) I have used some nifty techniques. Let’s check them out..

Since there are many techniques working together in this chart, to help you understand better I am going to make this a 3 staged tutorial for you

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Rank data based on 2 conditions

August 17, 2017| 6 Comments

Ranking Data Based on 2 Conditions

I recently came across an interesting question to find ranks based on 2 conditions. Let me explain the case and solution..

Assume this data!

Ranking Data Based on 2 Conditions 2

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