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10 Excel Habits that you must develop

June 8, 2015| 14 Comments

10 Excel Habits

Good habits are worth being fanatical about

                – John Irving 

And that is so true. I must recommend you these 10 habits that have worked for me. With these I have saved countless hours of manual work, have been extremely productive and have always attained more refined and accurate output. Here we go!

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Waterfall Chart in Excel

June 3, 2015| 5 Comments

Waterfall Chart in Excel

Waterfall Chart (because it looks like a waterfall) is an awesome way to display how things add up to form the total. Let’s dive into this

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How to adjust the orientation of your slides

May 27, 2015| 8 Comments

Adjust the layout of your slides1

Mostly people have witness a landscape slide orientation but there is a lot more to it. In this post I am going to talk about how can you change slide orientation (from landscape to portrait) including which ones are the best suited for various purposes!

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100 + Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

May 22, 2015| 11 Comments

100+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is an exhaustive list of 100+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts. Over the years of my excel journey, I have practiced using shortcuts for almost everything that I do in Excel and it has increased my speed 3x as much, apart from making me look like a Stud! 😎 and now it is your turn!!

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How to change fonts across all slides in one go!

May 19, 2015| 8 Comments

Change fonts in presentations

Not often people know about quick (and interesting) formatting shortcuts available in PowerPoint to get things done quickly. Just like this one, which allows you to change font across all slides in one go!

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