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World’s Biggest Economies – Economist Chart Rework!

May 12, 2015| No Comments

The other day during my web browsing (web window shopping) sessions, I stumbled upon a Charting animation from The Economist that used IMF data to show how the top 3 economies of the World have been changing over time. This (below) is what they published

World's Biggest Economies - Reworked Chart 2

My Opinion on this Chart

  • I found this chart difficult to read because of the Indirect Color Labels (refer the color bar first and then look up for the country name)
  • Also it becomes really difficult if I want to see how India or US has performed over the time?

So I thought of redoing this in Excel and here is a my reworked Chart. Check it out, it is pretty interesting!!

World's Biggest Economies - Reworked Chart 1

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7 Tips to instantly beautify your Business Presentations!

May 8, 2015| No Comments

7 Tips to instantly beautify your Presentation1


Here are my top 7 tips that will make a huge impact on the way your presentations looks! Check’em out!!

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The Offset Function & Applications

May 5, 2015| 2 Comments

Offset Banner 1The Offset function is one of the big daddies of the Lookup functions family and brings new possibilities in Excel but is if often suggested to use with caution because of its volatile nature. Lets cover the Offset and its applications in depth!

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Free Pivot Table Course + A Sales Dashboard for YOU !

April 27, 2015| 5 Comments

Pivot Table Course


Sales Dashboard View


Hey .. Wish me a Happy Birthday!

Yes, today is my Birthday and I am really happy because I am finally able to launch this Pivot Table Course and a Sales Dashboard which I would like to give you as a present. I have put in a lot of heart to make this a one stop shop comprehensive pivot table course for you and I am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it

Outline of the Program

Here is the quick snapshot of what will you learn in the 4 part course

  • Part 1 – Getting started with Pivot Tables
  • Part 2 – Pivot Table Features and Options
  • Part 3 – Pivot Table Calculations and Automation
  • Part 4 – How to make a Dashboard with Pivot Tables and Excel Formulas
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Hiding Options in Excel

April 21, 2015| 2 Comments

Hiding Options in Excel

Hey Guys, how are you doing? Every once in a while in a trainng session I get a request on “How to hide xyz in Excel ?”, so I though I will dedicate this post on hiding (and un-hiding) the top 9 things that people often ask me about!

So ready for our hide and seek? Alright I count till 3 :mrgreen:

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