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The long lost DATEDIF

December 21, 2014| 1 Comment


Somethings just stay evergreen, just like the DATEDIF function! Back in day (days of Excel 2003) it used to be a stud amongst the Date Functions and it has not lost its sheen till date but the newer versions of excel (2007 and above) have stopped giving any help or guidance with this function

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Just for fun! A Reverse Analogue Timer!

December 12, 2014| 3 Comments

Reverse Analogue Timer

The image is moving faster (than actual), just to show a reducing time effect 😛

This is what one can end up doing, with meaningless exploration in Excel! 😆 I created this many weeks back seeing the idea of Speedometer Chart, which I now use in my training programs as an automated clock for playing time bound excel games!!

It is just made up of simple time function formulas, pie and doughnut charts. Go ahead fiddle with it! Here is the downloadable file for you!

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Broadcast Your Presentation !

December 9, 2014| No Comments

Broadcast Your Presentation

Lets assume a typical meeting scenario at office. Senior executives in India have a presentation to deliver to UK clients and to save costs it is happening over a call! Assuming that you have a powerpoint presentation to share with your clients, which can be done in many ways

  • You email it to your clients
  • You upload it to teamviewer or a software

PowerPoint brings you a pretty awesome Broadcast Presentation feature. It runs the presentation online just as you were delivering the presentation live! minus the PHYSICAL YOU! Lets take a dive..

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Do you know about Sparklines in Excel?

December 8, 2014| No Comments

Sparklines 1

What are these? These are cute little compatible charts that fit in one cell 😆 They are quick and they are awesome! Let’s check them out

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Formula auditing techniques!

November 27, 2014| 2 Comments

F5 & F9 Keys


To Err is to Human and to correct that err is to audit your formulas 😆 Jokes apart, today lets talk about how can we effectively audit our formulas in different ways. I have 5 smart tricks which you can use for various needs! Let’s begin

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