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Creating Interdependent Dropdowns

October 4, 2014| No Comments

The other day I encountered (and solved 😎 ) a creative problem while making interdependent drop downs in a dashboard. If one Item has been chosen in the first list then it should not appear in the second list and vice versa !!

Interdependent drop downs

Check it out.. it is pretty cool !!


We start with a list of names

Interdependent drop downs1–> Let’s say we have six salesmen

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5 Quick Data Formatting Tips

October 3, 2014| No Comments

Quick formatting tips

Today let’s talk about some real quick and amazing formatting tricks to make your data look more presentable and I have 5 of them for you here! Enjoy 🙂

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Cells Modes – Insanely Simple and Unnoticed!

September 29, 2014| No Comments

Cell Modes 0


Let’s play a game today! Open your excel sheet and I will ask you to do some tasks, If you do it, you’ll get a point else I’ll get one. OK ready with your excel ? 😛

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Suffering from VLOOKUPhobia?

September 20, 2014| 1 Comment


Oh God .. please make this VLOOKUP work !! I promise to visit you every week 😡

Do you pray that your VLOOKUP formula should work ? 😯 Let me rescue you from the top 3 common mistakes while writing VLOOKUP function and save our prayers for more crucial things in life!! 😆

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How to inverse your data ?

September 18, 2014| No Comments

Reverse you data1

Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to inverse the order of your data? .. If yes then this is just for YOU! Read on..

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