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Since 2013, I have been training, consulting and blogging to help people become quicker and smarter with Excel

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5 Steps to boost productivity while making Presentations

November 11, 2014| No Comments

Here are 5 ways (that I personally follow) to help you speed up making Presentations. Note: Its awesome, with a couple of videos. Grab a latte and get started!!

Boost PowerPoint Productivity

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Scrolling list in Excel

November 10, 2014| No Comments

Scrolling List

Presenting an elegant solution to displaying large data via scroll-able list. All you need is a

  • Scrollbar,
  • A list (of course)
  • And formulas to tighten everything together !!

Lets make a killing here

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9 Quick Screen Editing Options In Excel

November 6, 2014| No Comments

Screen Editing Options

Excel offers quite a few options to edit how your screen looks like. Let’s grab a few key ones for our talk today? Lets begin

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Unusual Shortcuts I use in Excel

November 2, 2014| 2 Comments

Just like this gentleman, I too use some unusual shortcuts but largely in Excel 😆 

Unusual Shortcuts 1

Late take a look at some that stay on top of my mind

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Watch Window in Excel

October 21, 2014| No Comments

Watch Window in Excel0

Watch windows are an amazing way to keep track of cells. Here is a quick example

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