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Conditional formatting in Pivot Tables

August 3, 2017| 5 Comments

Conditional Formatting in Pivot Tables - 5

Today I am going to speak about a small problem that happens when you are trying to apply conditional formatting on Pivot Tables. It’s not complex rather its nifty!

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Transpose rows into separate columns

July 31, 2017| 18 Comments

Transpose rows into separate columns

You would have faced this problem a ton of times, especially when you copy data from the web. Here is the problem..!

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Pivot Table Problem

July 25, 2017| 6 Comments

Difference Between 2 values in Pivot 3

Not so recently, one of our readers and a very avid questioner, Vidhat, asked me the following question

Difference Between 2 columns in Pivot 1

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Business Intelligence Dashboard Course

July 5, 2017| No Comments

Product Pic

I am super stoked to finally bring all my work together that I have been doing for the past 2 months and launch this course.

If you want to cut the chase and directly check out the course, here is the official link – BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DASHBOARDS

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How to improve your Excel Dashboard Skills

June 23, 2017| 1 Comment

How to Improve your Excel Dashboard Skills

People often write to me –

“Chandeep, What should I do to become really good at creating Dashboards ?”

These kind of related questions are arriving my Inbox more often than others, so I thought of putting together a well structured post that talks about –

  • What it takes to create an awesome Dashboard – Process
  • How to do you become better at it with time – Skills
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