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Time Scales in Financial Modeling – Part 1

August 5, 2014| 2 Comments

Hi Guys,

How are you doing? I thought I have been speaking enough about financial modeling (getting started and taking interviews), let me get on to show you a very effective time scale trick and what it can do to our models

Timelines Financial ModelingAccording to changes in the date the revenue and project duration shifts to relevant financial year automatically !

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A comprehensive guide to VLOOKUP + 5 crrraaazzy tricks !

August 4, 2014| 4 Comments

Vlookup Guide 0

Quick VLOOKUP facts/myths that I have witnessed.. pretty interesting

  1. Do you know how to apply a VLOOKUP ? is one of the most asked question in the technical round of excel interview. TRUE
  2. If one knows how to apply VLOOKUP, he knows advanced Excel or he is the master of Excel – MYTH
  3. VLOOKUP is difficult to learn – BIG MYTH
  4. The TRUE/FALSE input at the end of VLOOKUP is the same and gives you the same result – MYTH, we’ll see how and why!
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A rendezvous with my friend – Sourabh Kushwaha on Financial Modeling

July 29, 2014| No Comments

Go ahead listen to the show!

Here I and Sourabh talk about

  • Some his current projects in Financial Modeling,
  • His most challenging model and how he dealt with it
  • Skills for being an excellent financial modeller
  • How much time does it take to develop this skill ?
  • Some recommended resources
  • Suggestions for freshers in this field !
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Know your Charting Arsenal ! (Part 3/3)

July 24, 2014| No Comments

The final part of the arsenal building post delves in the formatting elements of the charts. Lets work on a case to get this started

So we have some data here and its standard column chart

Charting Arsenal 3 - 1

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Know your Charting Arsenal ! (Part 2/3)

July 20, 2014| 2 Comments

After we are done knowing what charts are available in Excel (from Part 1 Chart Arsenal) Let’s just figure out how to do these 2 things

1. Adding / Editing data to your charts

We have a case where we have a pre-built chart for computer sales but we have 2 things missing from the chart. The years on the horizontal axis and the sales of tablets Part 2 Chart Arsenal 1

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