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Making Interactive Slides !

June 24, 2014| 1 Comment

Do your slides elaborate more ?

Do they interact ?

Can they answer questions ?


Making Your Slides Interactive 1 You must consider reading this post if you want to make your presentations talk. Often the problem with most PowerPoint Presentations is that they don’t accompany the analyst or manager.

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What a Slide Master can do to your Presentation !

June 17, 2014| 3 Comments

Slide Master in Presentations 1

Before I begin.. let me ask you..

How many slides do you usually have in your presentation?

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Highlighting Max and Min Data Points in your Charts

June 14, 2014| 2 Comments

Highlight Max and Min data point in your charts

Hello People, I am sure most of us have the need to highlight special points in our charts.. lets say the maximum and minimum values..

Here is how you do it

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Credits for

June 14, 2014| 4 Comments

I have been “working” to create a blog for the past 8 months only to discard it as “not the need of  the hour” or put it on back burner every now and then. But yesterday at around 5:30 pm it went live.. Ohh yessss !!

It would be lot less just to name the people and my motivation behind this, so I’ll be a bit descriptive in my thank you notes

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12 Powerful PowerPoint shortcuts

June 11, 2014| No Comments

PowerPoint Shortcuts1

Work faster with PowerPoint with these 12 key board shortcuts

1. Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

Customize your quick access toolbar with key utilities like shapes and alignment and have them just a click away. To customize

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