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Pointing out locations on your Slide

June 10, 2014| 3 Comments

Motion Paths 1

Some time back I thought of showing transitions between cities by a moving dot. The client for whom I made the presentation also really like the idea.

Replicate it on your slide to see how do your bosses/clients react to this

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Goodly’s – 25 Killer Excel Shortcuts

June 10, 2014| 5 Comments

White Mouse

I use the mouse a lot, while working with Excel. How can I remember so many keyboard shortcuts ?

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Customize Highlighting Any Data Series – 6 Steps

June 2, 2014| 1 Comment

Customize highlighting series 1

Highlight specific data series in your chart –> Set it up in your dashboard –> Impress your boss –> Get promoted faster 😀

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Naming Trick Abandons VLookup !

June 2, 2014| No Comments


Ever wondered how to trick VLookup ?

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Cell and Range Naming in Excel

June 2, 2014| 2 Comments

Cell Namingnaming graphic

Just as life, its a lot simpler to name things and people around us, I wonder why cant we replicate this to excel. Wouldn’t the formula be simple if it read =interest_rate*loan_amount rather than =$A$2*C2

Let’s see how it works

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