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Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

March 14, 2017| No Comments

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Users

Recently, I found that there is a minority of our readers using a Mac and I don’t want those people to be left out. So after all this while I thought of writing about Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Users

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Excel Formula Crossword Puzzle

March 5, 2017| 5 Comments

Excel Formula Crossword

Inherently Excel is a quite boring topicI thought of making it a bit interesting by not positing yet another “How to” tutorial.

Let’s play a crossword puzzle! I am sure you already know how to do that but this time you have got to find the correct excel function depending on the clue

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Prevent user from deleting rows or columns in Excel

March 2, 2017| 5 Comments

Prevent user from deleting rows or columns 1

When you are creating a Dashboard or a Report, you may have felt the need to prevent the user from deleting either rows or columns

This is how it should work – When the user tries to delete a row/column, Excel should return an error or shouldn’t let that task happen

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Random Function Tricks in Excel

February 24, 2017| 5 Comments

Random Function Tricks

This post is about the RAND and the RANDBETWEEN functions of Excel and how can we play with these to

  • Generate random Alphabets (+ its variations) or
  • Generate random numbers (+ variations)
  • Generate random names from a ranges
  • Generate random cell addresses
  • Generate random dates


There will be a lot more things that you can generate randomly after you read this post. Let’s get going!

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Indian Tech Startups Performance Dashboard

February 16, 2017| 2 Comments

Indian Tech Start Ups Performance Dashboard 1

Recently in a casual web browsing (a.k.a time wasting) session I came across an article on how the Indian Tech Start-Ups are bleeding money. The article also accompanied some basic data on revenues and losses.

Chandeep speaking to himself : “I should try making a cool graph / visualization from it”


The next day, a friend of mine was spamming (read sharing on) my facebook wall the same post

Chandeep speaking to himself again : “I should definitely try making a cool graph / visualization from it”

I got to work!

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