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Find the Top ‘x’ Items [Pivot Table Trick]

November 9, 2016| No Comments


When you make a pivot table not necessarily we need the summary of all the items, there have been instances where I needed only Top 5 or Top 3 items to be displayed in the pivot table.

Here is a little trick that can help you do it with a few clicks

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How to work with Custom Data Validation

November 4, 2016| No Comments


Custom Data Validation is one of the lesser used features in Data Validation. It can accept a formula to validate a cell input. Let’s take a look at how custom data validation works and then explore 2 of its applications

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How to select small data points in the Chart ?

October 26, 2016| 7 Comments


2 things are pretty evident from this Chart

  1. Most Indians don’t eat non-veg on Tuesdays (by the way..I have no reservations !)
  2. Therefore it becomes very hard to select small data points in the chart.. unless you want to keep trying all day with the mouse


By selection I mean just clicking on the bar the represents Customers for Tuesdays. The selection could be for any reason (putting it up on the secondary axis, formatting the data series, adding data labels… etc etc)

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Find the lowest scoring subject – Excel Challenge

October 20, 2016| 31 Comments


I got through a few interesting formula challenges in the Round 2 of Excel World Champ. One of the formula based question was similar to this Excel Challenge

Let’s see if we can knock this down!

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I am participating in Excel World Champ

October 12, 2016| 4 Comments

and this was the chart that I presented as my contest entry


Quick brief and Listicles (for random visitors and not so Goodly people ;D)

  1. This year I got to know about this contest (I guess from some twitter feed) organised by Microsoft
  2. There is no fee to participate in the contest. It started on 3rd Oct 2016
  3. There are 4 rounds. Trials, Qualifying Heat, Semis and Finals
  4. As of date the 1st Round is over and I am headed towards Round 2 – Qualifying Heat


For all Goodly folks and friends, below is a more meaty and a real time talk!

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