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5 Effortless Methods to Figure Out Duplicate Values in Excel

February 9, 2017| 8 Comments

5 effortless methods to figure out duplicates values in excel featured image

Intro by Chandeep

Today we have a guest in the house. Please welcome, Puneet Gogia from ExcelChamps and he is going to teach us, 5 methods to remove duplicates in Excel.


Enters Puneet –

While working with large data sets, duplicate values are always a problem

No matter what, you will always get some duplicate values in your data. But the good news is, in Excel, you can find them, highlight them, and delete them in no time. Today, I will show you 5 effortless methods to figure out duplicates value in Excel.

So let’s get started.

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How to add or remove data labels with a click

February 2, 2017| No Comments

Add or remove data labels with a click

When you create a chart with multiple data points, showing data labels for all the values can make the chart quite cluttered and busy. What you can do instead is add or remove data labels of the chart with a click

Let’s see how can we make this work..

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Excel Shortcuts for Financial Modeling

January 26, 2017| No Comments

Financial Modeling Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Last week one our readers asked me to share the most important financial modeling shortcuts that I think can tremendously increase the efficiency and accuracy while making financial models

Financial Modeling Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 2

Although I was just asked to share 10 shortcuts but I thought of making a video (to discuss about 30 shortcuts) and show you where and how exactly do I use these shortcuts to speed up my work while creating financial models

Just to make the learning structured, I divided the shortcuts in 4 main phases of financial modeling

  1. Shortcuts to set up the model
  2. Shortcuts to make the model
  3. Shortcuts to audit the model
  4. A few saving tips in the end 🙂


Let’s dive right into this… and this is not just restricted to financial modelers, there are a lot of tips and tricks that a regular excel user can also pick up

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Convert Text Heavy Slides into Beautiful Presentations

January 23, 2017| No Comments

Convert text heavy slides into beautiful presentation

A ton of people face this problem: How to convert text heavy slides into visually beautiful presentations. Often you would hear advice like

  1. Convert your data into chart / graphs
  2. Add pictures and bla bla..


This is cool but the problem is

  1. What if the presentation is purely textual with no numbers to be converted into charts ?
  2. And most times you’ll start working on the presentation at the 11th hour which has to be presented at 12th


Let me show what I did and share one of my recent presentation project

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The Ultimate VLOOKUP Guide

January 16, 2017| No Comments

The Ulimate Vlookup Guide 1A lot beyond conventional VLOOKUP

“Knowing VLookup is cool but just knowing Vlookup is awful”

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